Ernest Warner

Ernest Warner was born in 1868 in the town of Windsor in Dane County.Ernest warner

In 1889, Warner graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with
a degree in modern classics. He then attended the university’s law
school and completed his law degree in 1892.

Warner served in the 1905 State Assembly where he successfully introduced landmark civil service**.

In 1912, Warner became the president of the Madison Park and Pleasure
Drive Association (MPPDA). Before his demise in 1930 due to a fatal
automobile accident, he appointed a committee of the MPPDA to acquire a
beach for the public. Within two weeks of death, the Ernest N. Warner
Memorial Park Committee was formed to raise $20,000 to purchase the
beach in his honor*.

*”Plan $20,000 Park to Honor Warner,” Capital Times, July 22, 1930,
**Capital Times, July 9, 1930, p. 1-2

Renewing the Legacy