FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


Parking Options

There will be 2 shuttles running from the boat launch parking lot and Care Wisconsin parking lot.

Frequently asked Questions

What is considered “evening dress”?

We request that you wear attire for a formal or semi-formal occasion during the evening in the fall season. For men, this may include a dinner jacket or sport coat and for women, this may include a cocktail dress, skirt or dress pants. Remember that high heel shoes may be tricky on some of the grass terrain leading to the event. Tuxedos or long evening gowns are not required.

Rain, wind, bad weather? Is there a rain date?

The weather in Wisconsin is always unpredictable and that is why we will have the event under the canopy of a heated tent, so the event will continue rain or shine.

Will the tent be heated?

Yes! The fall weather in Wisconsin is sometimes unpredictable, so we will be having the tent heated for the comfort of our guests. Bring a shawl, jacket or scarf if the weather turns cooler in the evening.

What if I have mobility restrictions and need assistance to get to the park/ tent?

Please contact the Madison Parks Foundation at 266-4339 at least 24 hours in advance and we can make arrangements to assist you.

I would like to sit next to friends, colleagues, family. How do I assure that will happen?

If you indicated your seating preference when you registered, we will accommodate your requests. If you did not indicate at seating preference and would like to do so, please contact the Madison Parks Foundation at events@madisonparksfoundation.org and we will do our best to assist you with that request.

What if I have a food allergy?
Please be sure to contact us in advance with any dietary restrictions, including food intolerances, sensitivities and food allergies, including gluten intolerance, so that we can inform our chefs. 

Will there be a cash bar?

We are pleased to provide sparkling wine, dinner wine, craft ales and tea for the event. However, if you would like to have a cocktail, there will be a cash bar available to you.

Can I buy a table?

The tables will be set and arranged in different configurations, with some round tables and some longer banquet tables. Therefore, we are selling individual seats and will try to accommodate your requests to sit by guests that you ask to sit by.

Are there still sponsorship opportunities available?

Yes, there are opportunities still available. Please contact the Madison Parks Foundation at 608-266-4339 or at events@madisonparksfoundation.org to discuss the possibilities.

What time does the event start?

The event will commence at 4:30 and will conclude at 10 pm.

Please visit madisonparksfoundation.org/picnic or follow Event Essentials on Facebook for event previews and updates.


We are looking forward to your attendance and appreciate your commitment to our Madison parks.


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