Frank Hoyt


Frank W. Hoyt age 93Frank was a successful banker and an advocate of parks.  He was instrumental in establishing the UW Arboretum in what was known as the Hoyt Transfer – a land transfer deal. Between 1894 and 1934, Frank W. Hoyt acted as a leader in the Madison Park and Pleasure Drive Association serving as the Treasurer from 1916 to 1929.

The origins of present-day Hoyt Park can be traced to 1890 when the City acquired property rights to twenty-four acres of a stone quarry which in time grew to its current thirty-one acres through donation and purchase. By 1933, operations at the stone quarry had ceased and the land had officially become a city park when it was named Hoyt Park in honor of Frank W. Hoyt also known as “The Grand Old Man.”

Renewing the Legacy