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Playground Improvement Project

Madison parks offer children and families of all income levels the chance to participate in healthy, safe and fun activities that might not otherwise be available. Playing in Madison parks brings immeasurable joy and countless family memories, and adds to the quality of life we all enjoy as Madisonians.

For children, outdoor play is as important as indoor play, as fresh outdoor air on a regular basis helps kids stay healthy. In particular, playgrounds help children develop critical motor skills needed to perform activities such as running, climbing and riding tricycles, bikes and more.

Currently, the city of Madison has 175 parks with playgrounds. In the next five-to-seven years, 75% of the playgrounds will need to be repaired or replaced to meet national standards.

It’s exciting and rewarding to know that as citizens of Madison we can support health and wellness and improve the quality of life for children and families in our community by restoring and maintaining our parks and playgrounds infrastructure. Please help us in our efforts to provide safe and fun playground equipment for the children of Madison and the surrounding communities by making a generous donation to help improve and enhance our amazing community parks.Equipment Improvement2
Equipment Improvement1

Renewing the Legacy