Segoe Park Swing Fund

Exciting news! Segoe & William Slater Parks are being renovated this summer 2019! The details of these renovations have already been solidified (links to the planned renovation details are included below) but there is an opportunity for the community to contribute funds to enhance the these renovations. Specifically the park swings are being removed from William Slater Park and the community members that met at the park planning meeting got approval that an extra bank of swings could potentially be added to the planned swing set (see image above) at Segoe Park instead. Our fundraising goal for this improvement to the park is $7500 – this seems steep for swings, but this may have flexibility for other items if we get close to our goal and also must include the playground surfacing that helps keep our kids safe from falls.

Please consider donating to help improve our Midvale Heights playgrounds and increase the number of swings at the playground! Any donation is much appreciated! Funds must be received by mid-January 2019 for application to the park renovation this summer 2019.

Donate online today!

Playground renovation website links:
Segoe Park Replacement Project
William Slater Park Conversion to Nature Playground

Renewing the Legacy