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Basketballs bouncing. Dogs barking as they play. Children giggling. When you listen to the sounds of our parks, you realize they serve an invaluable purpose in our communities. Parks can create and facilitate a sense of fellowship, a feeling of belonging, and a meaningful connection to the outdoors with our family and friends.

Latest News

More than $50,000 raised to make our Madison Parks more Inclusive

Recently, Grant and Sarah Frautschi generously offered to match gifts received at Madison Parks Foundation’s annual Picnic in the Park event. Their leadership in philanthropy to the Inclusion Fund inspired others to donate, raising $53,306 in just a two-week period for the Madison Parks Foundation! Donations will be used to fund better access and additional inclusive programming in Madison Parks like:

• Expand KNOW (Kids Need Opportunities at Warner) & youth activities by adding transportation – this will make our parks accessible to youth to see more of our 279 parks and experience new things like fishing, outdoor nature walks and bird watching, golf and swimming lessons at the one community pool, etc.
• Add adaptive & inclusive programming within our Learning Series to include people of different abilities to try various learning activities
• Adding wheelchair accessibility to beaches, fishing piers, nature trails and dog parks with access to all-terrain wheelchairs to allow nature exploration
• Adding culturally diverse programming in the parks like MPF’s Pilot Performing Art Series and performances like a Pow Wow or learning to snow snake
• Expand outreach for swimming scholarships & admissions – currently transportation is a barrier for children not near the Goodman Pool
• Adding large print signs, including braille and adding rope guides to trails to benefit people with low vision or blindness
• Additional accessible playgrounds (currently 2 of these playgrounds), splash pads & accessible features to parks

Private support is still needed to help us with our efforts!

Will you help us now with a donation?

Giving Spotlight

Madison Community Foundation

The Madison Parks Foundation is proud to have the Madison Community Foundation as a major contributor to the Fully Accessible & Inclusive Playgrounds Project. Their mission is to enhance the common good through philanthropy. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 1 in 5 people are affected by a disability, whether it be physical or cognitive. In recognition of the principles represented by the ADA, MPF has made it their priority to make parks, playgrounds and programs accessible and equitable for all. Thank you Madison Community Foundation for your philanthropy in our community and to our Madison Parks!

Featured Park: Tenney Park

With its friendly atmosphere and impressive display of storybook scenery. Under the narrative trees share a picnic on the plush, green grass while enjoying the seemingly endless horizon of Lake Mendota. Tenney Park is a fantastic place to toss out a line for fishing, swim at the beach, ice skate on the lagoon or take stroll down the winding paths by foot, by bicycle, or rollerblades. With its beauty and versatility in every season, this historic park is sure to be a favorite throughout the year.