About the Madison Parks Foundation

Since 1894, Madison Parks have added richness and vibrancy to the landscape of Madison. As the non-profit partner of Madison Parks, the Madison Parks Foundation helps our community conserve, promote, and enhance our parks. We exist to support Madison’s world-class parks system. In addition to our work helping neighborhoods steward improvements to their parks, we’ve identified areas that advance accessibility, equity and programming goals for Madison's Parks.


Madison Parks Foundation works to protect and improve our city parks and open spaces for all people, forever.

Simply put, Parks for All, Forever.

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Your donation to the Parks for All fund helps provide amenities and programs that make our parks more accessible for all.
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Staff & Board Members

Emeritus Board

  • Lynn Adams
  • Trudy Barash
  • Bill Barker
  • Chad Bartell
  • Linda Bellman
  • Sarah Bewitz
  • Julie Bogle
  • Dorothy Borchardt*
  • Joe Clausius
  • Joel DeSpain
  • Toni Drake
  • Kristine Euclide
  • Alex Evans
  • Grant Frautschi
  • Al Friedman
  • Candy Gialamas*
  • Randy Glysch*
  • Emily Gnam
  • Bob Hemauer
  • Jason Iverson
  • Gigi Holland*
  • Chuck Koval*
  • Melanie Kranz
  • Molly Lahr
  • Don Last*
  • Madelyn Leopold
  • Maureen Lokrantz
  • Betty MacDonald
  • Catie McDonald
  • Malea Martin
  • Nancy Mead
  • Sally Miley
  • Brennan Nardi
  • Dan Petersen*
  • Betsy Repaske
  • Santiago Rosas*
  • Emanuel Scarbrough
  • Susan Schmitz
  • Gail Selk*
  • Jean Stewart*
  • Anna Trull
  • David Wallner
  • Bill White
  • Charlie Wills
  • Dick Zillman*
  • *Founding board member
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Foundation Circle

Parks reflect the quality of life that we value in our community and provide us with the opportunity to
connect with nature, with the beauty of our public spaces, and with our neighbors.

The Madison Parks Foundation Circle is comprised of some of our partners, key stakeholders, business leaders and park advocates. Members of the Foundation Circle support the Madison Parks Foundations goals of advocating for inclusiveness, accessibility, equity and sustainability.

Foundation Circle members have and will continue to:

  • lend their expertise,
  • recommend opportunities to further deepen community engagement,
  • introduce us to community leaders, organizations and park enthusiasts
  • offer mentorship to staff and board members, and
  • help us make a meaningful impact to our parks for generations to come.

The Madison Parks Foundation is proud to have the following individuals as part of our Foundation Circle:

Howie and Pam Erlanger
Grant and Sarah Frautschi
Trent Jackson
Steven Skolaski

“There is nothing so American as our (national) parks. The scenery and the wildlife are native. The fundamental idea behind the parks is native. It is, in brief, that the country belongs to the people, that it is in the process of making for the enrichment of the lives of all of us. The parks stand as the outward symbol of the great human principle.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt