Parks For All Fund

Parks are for everyone! It is with that mind-set that the Madison Parks Foundation has started a fund to address the needs for programming and adding elements of accessibility across the community in our Madison Parks.

The Parks For All Fund is a focused effort to add features of accessibility to more of our parks & park programming like
wheelchair accessibility to beaches, fishing piers, nature trails, or dog parks, inclusive & adaptive programming to programs, all-terrain wheelchairs made available to allow nature exploration, large print signs that include braille and possible guide ropes, additional fully accessible playgrounds or splash pads that provide zero entry points to water and so much more that we have yet to envision.

With 4.5 million visits to our Madison Parks each year, this fund can and will have an impact on thousands of park users and their families for years to come.

Accessible & Inclusive Playgrounds

We are proud to be fundraising for accessible playgrounds for people of all ages and abilities, including those with physical and cognitive disabilities, making our parks more inclusive and accessible. Our goal is to raise $300,000 towards this project which will provide 100,000 Madison households access to a fully accessible playground within a two-mile radius.

KNOW – Kids Need Opportunities at Warner

This program at Warner Park Community Recreation Center includes events such as Teen Night, Family Fun Night, an Angler (fishing) program, a 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament Series and open gym, which provide meaningful opportunities for youth to feel connected and engaged with our community. We have committed to raising $150,000 to insure complimentary and engaging programming continues.

Madison Parks Foundation's Learning Series

As sponsors of this program, we are able to offer fun activities in our parks such as bird watching, star gazing, disc golf and more at no cost, allowing people to use our parks and learn, regardless of income level. Our goal is to raise $50,000 to expand this program by purchasing additional equipment and supplies to allow more residents to participate, as well as sustain the programming for years to come.

Dog Parks

We are incredibly proud to be helping the City of Madison Parks Division by fundraising to expand and enhance Madison’s dog parks. Currently, there are 9 off-leash dog parks within the city of Madison. These parks range in size from 1/3 of an acre to 37 acres. Our goal is to raise funds that would allow the Parks Division to create 3 additional off-leash dog parks. These new parks would be located on the east side, near-east, and southwest areas of Madison.