The Madison Parks Foundation is extremely proud of our accomplishments over the past 19+ years and is receptive to attainable opportunities as they arise.

Timeline of Accomplishments


  • The Madison Parks Foundation is established as a 501(c)3 organization


  • Partners for the Goodman Pool – Madison’s first community pool

2004 - 2006

  • Partners for the Brittingham Boathouse Renovation

2005 - 2008

  • Partners for the Veteran Memorial Park

2004 - present

  • Establishes partnerships with Friends & Neighborhood groups for park projects

2005 - present

  • Partners for the swimming lesson scholarships & free/reduced admissions-Goodman Pool


  • Partners for the Tenney Park Shelter Renovation

2012 – 2014

  • Partners for the Skate Park at McPike Park

April 2013

  • Hires first employee – Executive Director

2013 - 2014

  • Completes $300,000 raising goal for 2 additional splash parks (Elver and Reindahl Parks)

July 2013

  • Launches website

January 2014

  • Launches Parks Tributes & Memorial Program

February 2014

  • Launches a presence on social media – Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

March 2014

  • Sponsors Volunteer Appreciation Night at Olbrich Botanical Gardens

April 2014

  • Commits $15,000 grant to replace the playground at Goodman Pool creating the City’s 1st fully accessible playground

  • Ad2 Madison grant recipient to assist with social media, marketing plan

Summer 2014

  • Celebrates 120 years of Madison Parks with free, community building events – ice cream social and Concerts in the Breese, as well as a Legacy Golf Outing fundraiser

July 2015

  • Concert in the Breese event & Legacy Golf Outing

  • Partners with the City Parks Division to administer legacy gifts and establishes endowment

October 2015

  • Launches 1st Picnic in the Park in partnership with Event Essentials – MPF’s annual fundraiser

  • With a grant from the Oscar Rennebohm Foundation launches Historical Signage project – 10 historical signs in major parks


  • Fundraising partner for the Pickleball Complex at Garner Park

June 2016

  • MPF sponsors Four First Tee Scholarships

July 2016

  • Hosts Concert in the Breese event & Legacy Golf Outing

August 2016

  • Media campaign -History of our Parks– 4-part series (Channel 3) – Olin, Brittingham, Vilas & Tenney

2017 to present

  • MPF partners with Parks Division to sponsor the Madison Parks Foundation’s Learning Series

  • Fundraising partner for the Connecting Children to Nature program – national grant

January 2017

  • MPF grant for Friends of Urban Nature to receive 4 sets of binoculars to expand nature walks

February 2017

  • MPF begins work with local veterinarians to establish project to improve dog parks

June 2017 - present

  • Partners with Madison Mallards as a sponsor for Shake the Lake – community building free event
    celebrating the 4th of July

August 2017 & 2018

  • Establishes Makeshift Festival – a free community event celebrating food & art in public spaces in which proceeds funded an original piece of public art in Elver Park — Momental

October 2017

  • 2nd Annual Picnic in the Park in partnership with Event Essentials – MPF’s annual fundraiser

February 2018

  • Sponsors a free community free event with multiple winter sports (cross country skiing, sledding, ice skating, snow castle contest)

April 2018

  • Initiates and completes the renaming Central Park to McPike Park

October 2018

  • 3rd Annual Picnic in the Park in partnership with Event Essentials – MPF’s annual fundraiser

November 2018

  • Formally establishes new fundraising initiatives – Fully Accessible Playgrounds, Learning Series, KNOW (Kids Need Opportunities at Warner)

December 2018

  • Negotiates a transfer of funds from Friends of Nakoma Park to a less advantaged park (Doncaster) for playground renovation

January 2019

  • New logo and rebranding package revealed

May 2019

  • Launches electronic newsletter

July 2019

  • Commits to raising $150,000 for KNOW and will provide a match up to $100,000 at August event.

August 2019

  • Partners with Madison Mallards to have event to raise funds for KNOW (Say Yes to KNOW)

October 2019

  • 4th Annual Picnic in the Park in partnership with Event Essentials – MPF’s annual fundraiser

April 2020

  • Launches new website making park information easier and more fun for the user

May 2020

  • Launches Parks Positivity Campaign with fun activities to inspire people to use our parks and
    promote healthy activities during a time of quarantine and pandemic.

  • Adds 3 Aldo Leopold benches to 3 Madison Parks Dog Parks

  • Adds MPF informational posters to all Madison Parks Kiosks

June 2020

  • Commits $40,000 for Swimming Admission Scholarships to support Madison Parks Division’s efforts
    to open Goodman Pool during COVID-19 restrictions that make our pool more accessible and inclusive.

  • Acquires a matching grant from the Irwin A. & Robert D. Goodman Foundation to match gifts to support Swimming Admissions.

September 2020

  • Begins work with Compassionate Friends group to identify new location for memorials.

December 2020

  • Receives $100,000 commitment from Jerry Frautschi to name Fully Accessible & Inclusive Playground at Warner Park.

March 2021

  • Receives $100,000 gift from the Oscar Rennebohm Foundation to name the Fully Accessible & Inclusive playground at Rennebohm Park after Jeffrey Erlanger

April 2021

  • Receives $10,350 in grants from the Capital Times Kids Fund to support KNOW, Playgrounds & the Learning Series

May 2021

  • Making a Difference segment airs on Channel 15 (see Initiatives Tab). Interview with John Stofflet discussing the importance of fully accessible playgrounds for the community.

  • Facilitates major gift from Michael & Jocelyn Keiser to renovate Glenway Golf Park.

June 2021

  • Commits to add the first Fully Accessible Beach Mat to Bernie’s Beach to make the first accessible Madison Parks’ beach.

July 2021

  • Receives $100,000 from Pleasant Rowland to establish a Fully Accessible & Inclusive Parks Fund to make all of our parks more accessible and inclusive.

August 2021

  • Donates $40,000 to renovating patio at Glenway Golf Park to make it fully accessible.

September & October 2021

  • Launches its Dog Park initiative to raise funds to enhance and expand our dog parks.

October 2021

  • Receives $10,000 grant from Festival Foods in support of the Fully Accessible & Inclusive Playground at Warner Park.

December 2021

  • Receives $5,000 grant from Steve Stricker American Family Insurance Foundation in support of the Fully Accessible & Inclusive Playgrounds project.

  • Receives grant from Adams Outdoor Advertising which will provide 1 year of billboard advertising promoting MPF and our mission.

  • Receives $30,000 grant from Madison Community Foundation in support of the Fully Accessible & Inclusive Playgrounds project.