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Madison Parks Foundation

The Madison Parks Foundation is dedicated to preserving and expanding – for future generations – the true jewels of our city: our bountiful parks and open spaces. To that end, MPF looks to acquire grants and money to improve parks. These resources do not replace, and are not a substitute, for tax revenues generated for the City of Madison Parks Division.


As we move to the future, our vision is to “Renew the Legacy.” Roots of our work are firmly grounded with the Madison Parks & Pleasure Drive Association: a dedicated group of everyday citizens who – many decades ago – laid the foundation for parks we have today. We embrace their grassroots spirit by raising funds for splash parks, playground improvements, emerald ash borer tree replacement, and other important work for which tax dollars are not available. The three fundraising targets, just mentioned, have been identified as current priorities. If you want to be part of modern-day park history, and become a donor, or if you want to learn more about us, we encourage you to contact MPF Executive Director,
Stephanie Franklin, at 608-266-4339.


Support of the Madison Parks Foundation will make a significant difference in preserving and enhancing those beautiful gifts that have been handed down from generation to generation, those special places where activities and events take place, and often become cherished life-long memories.


Our predecessors, citizens just like you: the Olins, Tenneys, Warners, Owens and Vilases helped build our parks. They are our inspiration. And we are now on a mission: to renew and build upon what they lovingly passed on to us; passed on to you.

Renewing the Legacy